Advanced EMF Protection For Your Loved Ones
Your One-Stop Solution for Safer Living in a Connected World
Advanced EMF Protection For Your Loved Ones
Your One-Stop Solution for Safer Living in a Connected World
Shield Your Pet From EMF-Induced Anxiety & Health Risks
Notice how much tech surrounds us & our pets? Wi-Fi, Laptops, Tablets, Phones, TV’s, Cell towers, etc…
They all constantly emit invisible EMF waves, severely impacting us and our pets—tension, anxiety, headaches, fatigue, brain damage, digestive & hormonal problems, to name a few…
In just 4 years, EMF levels from 5G have TRIPLED & consequently dog anxiety jumped by 700%.
The shocking truth is - dog anxiety crisis is just the tip of the iceberg…
More & more studies are coming out showing how EMFs are #1 worst thing that’s destroying our furbabies’ health.
Acting now is crucial...
Offer them the advanced protection & peace they deserve.
EMF stands for Electromagnetic Fields, a type of energy waves that are traveling everywhere in our environment but invisible to the human eye.
EMFs are emitted by every electrical device. Especially by: WiFi routers, Computers, TV’s Smartphones, Cell towers & Electricity towers, contributing to what is often called "electrosmog" in our daily environments.
Science has proven even minimal exposure to EMFs are harmful both physical & mental well-being, potentially leading to hormone disruptions, anxiety, diseases, cognitive impairment & even certain types of cancer.
Particularly noteworthy is the heightened sensitivity of pets & children to EMFs, estimated to be up to 10 times more susceptible than adults.
This increased sensitivity underscores the importance of taking proactive measures to minimize their exposure to EMFs in everyday settings.
"Electromagnetic frequencies (EMFs) are one of the most unrecognized, yet the most influential factors causing & worsening a multitude of human & animal illnesses worldwide, affecting even before birth. Legitimate devices must be made to minimize & mitigate the harmful effects of EMF in every aspect of life to avoid EMF impacts on virtually every organ system"
Neurology Dr. - Peter E. Salvador
Ultimate EMF Defense For Your Pet
Radiation affects pets in many ways & we solve all of them
PawAura™ is designed, tested & proven to mitigate harmful effects from 97% of emitted EMFs.
It’s the only EMF shield that’s scientifically-engineered to protect animals.
With PawAura™ you’ll know you're providing the best pet EMF protection available.
Life-Changing & Immediate Benefits Of PawAura™
Longer & Healthier Life
Stress-free environment & significantly reduced risk of chronic illnesses
Immediately Enhanced Well-Being
Notice how their mood, joy & energy will improve as if weight is taken off their shoulders
Hormone & Organ Balance Restored
Eating habits, digestion, skin & hair conditions, all back to how it should be
Finally Calm & Happy Pet
Removes the 90% of stress & anxiety culprit in their life
Dream-Like Sleep Quality
Finally a peaceful rest, free from emf disturbances
Peace Of Mind For You…
Rest easy knowing your pet is finally protected
There’s a Reason Why Pets Are SO HAPPY Outside…
It’s the place where they experience the least EMFs, unlike in homes, outside they’re free from radiation.

...Imagine giving them that same sense of happiness, freedom & safety inside your home.
PawAura™ is all it takes
How AuraGuard™ Technology Protects Your Pet
It's natural to be skeptical about things we can't see…
Ever tried noise-canceling headphones? They use a clever technology called negative interference, where they produce a sound that's the exact opposite of the noise, effectively silencing both.
PawAura™ uses a similar technology to harmonize EMF radiation from any device, eliminating effects on the body. This method is proven by science & protected by 18 of our patents!
Pets & Children Are Up To 10x More Sensitive To EMFs…
…That’s why they require superior protection. Regular EMF protectors aren't enough to fully protect, which is why PawAura™ harnesses proprietary blend of minerals & metals sourced only from Japanese mountains, delivering protection that's 6.4x stronger than anything we’ve tested.
Proudly made in the USA, Silicon Valley.
This new pet EMF protection device is pioneering with its unique methods and materials, showing outstanding effectiveness. We found it significantly lowered how much electromagnetic energy is absorbed to the brain. When used with your pet's collar, it's expected to greatly reduce the electromagnetic energy they're exposed to from devices around them, making it a groundbreaking approach to their health and safety.
Results clearly indicate that new AuraGuard technology considerably prevents EMF absorption & both manifest Bio-harmonizing properties
Awareness and adoption of AuraGuard preventive measures could significantly enhance our pets' quality of life, addressing the pervasive issue of EMF in our environment. It's time this innovation gains the recognition it deserves, for the sake of pet health worldwide.
Invest in Their Safety, Not Just Comfort…
Every year, you invest in your pets' happiness & health: food, toys, vet visits but overlook the silent threat of EMF… These electromagnetic waves are causing them constant distress, anxiety, disrupting their hormones & organ function, and the cost of protection is a mere fraction of what you spend on them yearly.
Safeguarding them with PawAura™ is not just an essential investment for their better well-being; it's peace of mind for you.
“I feel so guilty that my Bella suffered for so long without us realizing… Since wearing this, her precious tail wags have returned, she’s so happy!“
-Jessica E.
AuraGuard Customer
“After using PawAura for just a few days, our anxious Beagle has been noticeably calmer & more playful. It's like we have our old buddy back!"
-Matthew J.
AuraGuard Customer
“It not only gives peace of mind, it actually makes them safe... It's definitely a great investment for pet health & their future.”
-Mary P.
AuraGuard Customer
PawAura™ Protects 45,000+ Pets Worldwide
WAIT... Have You Secured Your Own EMF Safety?
We’re surrounded by EMF’s 24/7. Mainly from cell phones & laptops.
Think about it: your phone, practically an extension of your hand, is also THE BIGGEST source of EMF waves. Every call, every scroll, every moment it's near you, it's slowly emitting EMFs.
Headaches…Fatigue…Sleep Disruptions… Are only the tip of the iceberg of what EMFs are doing to us.
Beyond these immediate effects, scientific studies suggest prolonged exposure can even disrupt hormone levels.
While not all symptoms may be directly caused by EMF exposure, it's recognized that EMFs can amplify existing conditions or contribute to the onset of various health issues.
  • Sleep disturbances, including insomnia
  • Headaches and dizziness
  • Chronic fatigue and tiredness
  • Stress, anxiety, and depressive symptoms
  • Concentration and memory problems
  • Changes in hormone levels
  • Increased risk of certain types of cancers
  • Effects on fetal development and reproductive health
  • Skin conditions, including rashes and burning sensations
  • Alterations in the immune system function
  • Altered brain activity and development
  • Impact on cell growth and DNA damage
  • Decreased sperm motility and quality
  • Neurological disorders
EMF Can Affect Organs
WiFi Damage
EMF Hypersensitivity
EMF Affects Reproductive System
Shielding yourself is not just a precaution, but a necessity for maintaining well-being.
Admitted Wireless Devices Are CARCINOGENIC
Click To Expose
The Government’s
Hidden Truth
The Best EMF Radiation Defence For Smartphones, Laptops & Wifi Routers
Born from our commitment to pet EMF safety, BodyAura™ now brings its proven technology to protect you from smartphone EMF radiation.
Our latest innovation blocks up to 97.3% of smartphone emitted radiation, ensuring unmatched safety without compromising signal.
“The same technology behind PawAura™ pet protection showed remarkable effectiveness in shielding tests against smartphone EMFs. That’s why we created BodyAura™.”
- CEO, Ethan P. Caldwell
BodyAura™: EMF Shield For You & Your Whole Family’s Safety
Our bodies absorb the radiation from devices that we use daily & EMF-emitting threats that surround us in our homes.
It's our responsibility to minimize this constant exposure with a set-it-and-forget-it reliable solution that will give you peace of mind for your health long term.
SHOP BodyAura™
Even Plants Can’t Grow Near Wi-Fi Routers…
This sign from nature is a big wake-up call for all of us to what EMFs can do silently.
If it affects them, just imagine the invisible stress these devices can place on all living beings.
“Since adding BodyAura to my phone, my headaches & anxiety vanished & my mood improved dramatically. Surprised by the big impact of such a small device, I'm now a firm believer in its science. BodyAura is a must for me with all wireless devices!”
- Regina S.
“As someone sensitive to EMFs, I've always felt a bit tense and uneasy, which really impacted my productivity. After trying 3 other products without success, BodyAura was a game changer for me. Finally, something that works as promised. Highly recommended!”
-Sally B.
“Adding AuraGuard to my laptop, phone, and Wi-Fi router has not only given me peace of mind but I genuinely feel protected. It's worth it just for that feeling alone. Plus, I equipped my two bulldogs with it, and they're noticeably happier and more energetic. It's made a significant difference for all of us.”
-Kristen R.
“I fully support AuraGuard's mission against EMF pollution; it's a significant issue that needs more awareness.”
-Jake G.
Guarding All Lives
At the heart of AuraGuard, our mission is rooted in a deep devotion to protect those who can’t protect themselves—our pets, and extending this care to every family member. We believe in a world where the silent threats of EMF exposure are no longer overlooked. Our journey began with shielding our furry friends, the most vulnerable to EMF's unseen dangers...
Recognizing the universal need for protection, we expanded our mission to encompass humans, ensuring a safe environment for all. Through pioneering technology and unwavering dedication, we're committed to making a tangible difference in health and well-being, advocating for awareness and action against electromagnetic pollution. Together, we stand as guardians for a healthier future.


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Is This Some Tracking Device? Does It Have To Be Embedded In The Body?

No, the AuraGuard Product is not a device that gets implanted into the body. It has no electronic components. AuraGuard is a standalone private entity, unconnected to any government or organization. 

AuraGuard products are intended to be attached to mobile phones or other gadgets to aid in lowering exposure to EMF radiation. For pets it's attached as a pendant on their collar.

As it's used externally and not implanted, the AuraGuard Product does not have any features that would allow for tracking or invasive monitoring.

How do PawAura™ and BodyAura™ work to protect against EMF radiation?

Our BodyAura and PawAura work a bit like magic, but it's all science—think about how noise-canceling headphones block out sound. That's sort of what we do with EMF radiation, making it less harmful to you and your pets.

Just like we trust doctors and medicines without knowing all the science details, you can trust our products. We've got experts and lots of testing behind this, making sure it works just right.

You don't need to know exactly how it works to feel the benefits, just like you don't need to know how to build a plane to fly in one. Trust us to keep you safe, just like you trust other things in your life every day.

How Long Does It Last? Does It Need To Be Replaced?

Both BodyAura and PawAura are designed to be durable and long-lasting, requiring no replacement. Engineered with advanced technology, these products offer a lifetime of EMF protection for you and your pets. Making either a part of your life is a one-time investment that ensures continuous safety from EMF radiation, providing peace of mind for years to come.

Why is it so Expensive?

Understanding the value of a product involves considering its broader impact. Take the iPhone as an example, typically priced at around $1000. It's common for consumers to invest an extra 10%-20% on accessories to enhance its functionality or protect their investment. Similarly, allocating about 10% of your phone's cost towards a product that could significantly safeguard your device and, importantly, your health seems like a wise choice. We're open about our pricing strategy because it mirrors our commitment to excellence at every production stage. Here's how we allocate our resources:

  • Research & Development: Significant resources were dedicated to R&D, collaborating with leading scientists and prestigious institutions. Opting for quality over cost-savings here was crucial to ensure our product's efficacy and reliability.
  • Testing: Our commitment didn't end with R&D. We conducted extensive testing in U.S.-based labs to confirm our technology's effectiveness, ensuring our product performs as promised.
  • Manufacturing: Our commitment to quality led us to manufacture our product in some of the world's most reputable facilities. This choice, while costlier, guarantees the integrity of our product, as top-notch manufacturing is essential for delivering on our scientific promise.

In essence, every action taken and every dollar invested has been for our customers' benefit. We've developed a product that stands on rigorous science and is made with the highest quality standards, offering exceptional value for its price.

Why Don’t Smartphones Have These Installed In Them?

Smartphone makers aim to make devices that are great for staying connected and getting things done. They do make sure phones are safe by following requirements from groups like the FCC.

Our unique AuraGuard™ tech is something we created ourselves. It’s not something phone makers can just add to all phones, kind of like how not all cars come with the same extras or apps.

Think of it like this: it’s like wondering why all cars don’t have the same built-in navigation system. But as more people get why protecting against radiation matters, we might see phone companies start to add this kind of tech in the future.

Will AuraGuard™ Products Affect The Functionality Of Electronic Devices?

No, our products do not interfere with the functionality of any electronic device.

Are There Any Side Effects To PawAura™ Or BodyAura™?

Our products have been thoroughly tested through extensive scientific studies, and no side-effects have been reported so far. However, if you experience any adverse effects while using our products, we strongly advise you to discontinue use immediately.

How do I use PawAura and BodyAura correctly? Is It Comfortable For Pets?

How to use PawAura™: 

1-Simply thread a PawAura pendant onto the collar like you would a tag. If it has a loop or hook, secure it directly onto the collar.

*PawAura is designed with your pet's comfort in mind. It's lightweight and small enough to be easily attached to any pet collar without causing any irritation or hindrance to their movement. Pets typically don't even notice it's there, allowing them to play, sleep, and go about their daily activities with ease.

How to use BodyAura™: 

1-Select Your Device: Identify which device you want to protect – this could be your smartphone, laptop, or tablet.

2-Clean the Device: Clean the area of your device where BodyAura will be applied. Make sure it's free from dust and oil for the best adhesion.

3-Apply BodyAura™: Remove the backing to reveal the adhesive side of AuraGuard. Press it firmly onto the back of your device or its case. For laptops or larger devices, position it near the battery or where you feel most comfortable.

For both PawAura and BodyAura, no maintenance or recharging is required. Enjoy continuous protection from EMF radiation with these simple, set-and-forget methods.